Andrew Browning Photography: RATES

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Standard Rates:

Wedding Rates:

Digital Packages start at $1200.00 for a traditional wedding. Please Email Me or contact me with a brief description of your service, and the hours you would wish to be covered so I may work with you to put together a reasonable quote. My quote would be made considering the unique circumstances surrounding any ceremony. Please read my references under "Bio". I strive to be forthcoming and upfront with you at all times. There are no hidden charges. I am willing to work with you to provide a custom tailored package that fits your individual needs and wishes.

Spring Special

Take advantage of the warm quality of natural spring light! The On Location special uses your home or a preferred location (I can certainly suggest some) to get quality, natural light pictures of you or your family. This is perfect for children that are sometimes much more comfortable in their home environment or in a low key setting.

The Spring Special is perfect for family, children, band, school or individual or couple Portraits. Other subject manner certainly entertained!

The Spring Special includes approximately one hour of photography at a location convenient to you, during which we will complete an average of about 100 or more high quality digital images. Following this, you will receive a CD of images, or if this is not convenient, I can post the images on my site for private viewing to enable you to choose images.

The spring Package includes Custom Post Processing of 30 images chosen by you, and processed to your request. Black and white conversion, sepia, and other film styles available (Digital Kodachrome Emulation is wonderful with the direct light of spring) Facial retouching and other minor manipulation are done per request within reason. Following post I will deliver a CD of images to the client for processing, or I can upload these to Kodak Gallery or another online Lab of your choice, and you may print as you choose. Or if need be I will be more than happy to assist you in this for free. Studio package includes sitting fee and additional 10 images processed. Any extra Post done will be completed at your request at the standard Post Production rate. Please contact me for further details.

A notation regarding Digital Photography or, a clarification regarding the misnomer that digital is "cheaper" than film...

Images taken on a modern digital camera do of course have the advantage of not requiring film and the associated cost. Digital High Resolution Photography is free to store an image of course, but optimum results from either film or digital are derived from Quality processing. My digital images are shot on super high quality Nikon RAW image format, and require picture-by-picture correction for color / white balance to insure proper skin tone. They are then are finalized and optimized using Photoshop, and the images require sharpening and other fine adjustments to make Quality images. This is a time consuming endeavor, but it is the difference between sub par and Quality work. Many customers ask if they can pay for images directly from the camera. Unfortunately, for a few reasons, the answer for the most part is no. This is due to the fact that you will not have the image conversion software to convert the images and the fact that I strive to produce images and memories for folks that will be representative of my work. Please contact me if I can clarify any of the above or if you have any other questions!

Thanks, Andrew